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The 7 Latest Ray Bans sunglasses best selling for Summer 2018

Here are 7 of the newest ray ban sunglasses 2018,some iconic lines, some new classic theme twists.

1.61mm Gradient Lens Aviator Sunglasses

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throwback style with streamlined aviator sunglasses featuring slim wire frames and gradient lenses.

2.53mm Evolve Photochromic Round Sunglasses

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Retro round sunglasses with thin frames are equipped with changing photochrome lenses that become darker or lighter with Sun exposure to perfect your coverage.ray ban sunglasses aviator womens.

3.Youngster 53mm Round Sunglasses RAY-BAN

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Rounded frames with a keyhole bridge add unmistakable retro attitude to full-coverage sunglasses completed with subtle logo etching at the temples.

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4.Blaze 41mm Wayfarer Sunglasses RAY-BAN

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Shining rivets and raised logos detail classic Wayfarer sunglasses.cheap ray ban wayfarer sunglasses.

5.53mm Round Retro Sunglasses

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Rounded, retro-cool sunglasses provide an instant upgrade for your everyday style.

6.Blaze Clubmaster 47mm Sunglasses RAY-BAN

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The flat-lens-over-frame construction deconstructs The classic Clubmaster silhouette of the brand for an attractive futuristic effect on these light gradient sunglasses with steel frames.

7.57mm Polarized Aviator Sunglasses RAY-BAN

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Sleek nylon frames and a shining, double metal bridge pair up on distinctive aviator sunglasses fitted with glare-reducing polarized lenses.

Ray-Ban REMIX-Now You Can Design Your Own Ray-Bans

The praise is well-deserved.buy ray ban sunglasses,anyone who has owned a pair of Ray-Bans knows that they are great shades for all occasions. But since so many of these looks have already been immortalized, it can be tough to find a style that is all your own.

For anyone looking for a new pair of shades that are yours and yours alone, you can create completely customized Ray-Bans online with Ray-Ban REMIX.

Choose Ray Bans sunglasses important elements


important elements

Lens Material
UV Protection

Where to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses?

Ray-Ban is one of the most counterfeited brands in the world. Lightning protection products and replicas can be found in almost anywhere in the world. These low-quality, inexpensive radiation bans do not provide UV protection and may damage your eyes.

Here are a few simple rules to buying Ray-Ban sunglasses:

  1. Carefully inspect the package for defects or spelling errors
  2. Check the authenticity certificate, and purchase from the store, offer the possibility of refund
  3. Only buy from select and authorized retailers

What is the size difference between large and small Ray Ban aviators?

The size of sunglasses is measured in the lens size, across the lens horizontally in mm.ray ban sunglasses for men.Ray Ban aviators come 4 sizes, ray ban aviator sizes.split across two models.

The Ray Ban Small Aviator, RB 3044 is a 52mm lens.
Ray Ban Aviator Small Metal 3044 L0207

The Ray Ban Large Aviator, RB 3025 comes in a 55mm
Ray Ban Aviator 3025 W3234 Gold/G15 Green 55mm

The Ray Ban Large Aviator, RB 3025 also comes in a 58mm
Ray Ban Aviator 3025 L0205 Gold/G15 Green 58mm

The Ray Ban Large Aviator, RB 3025 also comes in a 62mm
Ray Ban Aviator 3025 001/58 Polarised

My advice generally is:

Average Male, average fit: 58mm
Average Male, oversize fit: 62mm
Large Male: 62mm
Average Female, average fit: 55mm
Average Female, oversize fit: 58/62mm
Small Female/Teenager average Fit: 52mm
Small Female/Teenager oversize fit: 58mm

How to Care for Your Ray Bans sunglasses

Getting scratches on them would be really unfortunate. Nobody would like to get scratches on their brand new Ray-Ban sunglasses.Best methods to clean your ray ban, won’t further damage your sunglasses.

  • Baking Soda
  • Cleaning Your Ray-Ban Aviators With Car Wax, Furniture Wax Or Polish
  • Cleaning Your Ray-Ban Sunglasses With Toothpaste
  • Sandpaper

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