Best Weighted Blankets

Best Weighted Blankets : for Adults and Children 2019

Feeling anxious? insomnia?autism?Weighted blanket helps you!

weighted blanket benefits
Weighted blanket helps you

From relieving symptoms of autism spectrum disorder to helping insomniacs get the sleep they need, weighted blankets 2019 may help solve a range of health problems.

1.Eases InsomniaStudies have shown that a treatment called deep touch pressure stimulation promotes the release of serotonin, a chemical that regulates sleep. Weighted blankets provide this firm and gentle pressure.
Reduce anxiety
A weighted blanket is much like getting a firm and gentle hug. Even better, you can use it anywhere.
3.Help solve sensory treatment disordersStudies have shown that weighted blankets can produce “sedative effects ” of sensory treatment disorders in children and adults.
4.Relieve stressStudies have shown that deep touch pressure stimulation therapy is effective. With weighted blankets, you don’t have to go to a psychiatrist or buy expensive equipment to relieve stress.
5.Lightenj ADHDWeighted blankets for adhd adults.Deep touch stimulation, which is provided by a weighted blanket, has been shown to produce a calming, soothing effect that reduces anxiety. And because deep contact stress also contributes to mood and sleep, it’s also good for solving these symptoms in patients with weighted blankets for adhd amazon.
6.Recreate a hugStudies have shown that hugs can enhance serotonin and dopamine, both of which are good chemicals in the brain. With a weighted blanket, you can get a hug whenever and wherever you want.
7.Control Autism SymptomsIn the study, people with autism had the best response to mild, slow contact.
8.Helps OCDAs with other psychological disorders, OCD is associated with low serotonin levels. By using deep touch pressure stimulation therapy, weighted blankets may help improve serotonin and relieve the severity of OCD.
9.Relieve the symptoms of panic disorderThose who wake up sleeping under a weighted blanket feel less anxious and refreshed. Because fatigue is a common trigger for panic disorder, rest is an invaluable tool in controlling fatigue.
10.PTSDIn the study, the researchers observed that weighted blanket covering therapy can lower blood pressure, reduce pulse rate, and help 63% of study participants reduce anxiety.
11.Helps the Elderly Elderly also tend to experience higher anxiety, stress and depression. Older people often change during the sleep-wake cycle. Weighted blanket for elderly,use a blanket to calm the body.
12.Relieves travel anxietyIf you experience travel anxiety, aggravating the soothing weight of the blanket can encourage your body to produce a chemical serotonin that feels good.
Relieve pain without medication
Weighted blankets are a 100% natural substitute for prescription or over-the-counter medicines.
14.Promotes CalmBad days can strike when you least expect it — or need it.
15.Enhance emotionsSome sadness is caused by chemical changes in the brain. If your brain does not produce enough serotonin, it may actually affect your emotional health.
16.Improve sleep qualityOne way to improve sleep hygiene is to use a weighted blanket. Because deep touch pressure stimulation can enhance serotonin, sleeping under firm but gentle pressure can help you fall asleep faster, sleep longer, and wake up more rest.
17.Helps Fibromyalgia PainFibromyalgia is characterized by chronic, idiopathic pain with at least 18 pain points, and fibromyalgia can be impaired. Although certain medications can help patients control their symptoms, there is no cure for fibromyalgia. A gentle but firm pressure, a weighted blanket is an important tool to prevent fiber bursts.
18.Eases Symptoms of Restless Leg SyndromeBecause symptoms often occur more frequently at night, it can cause insomnia.As long as they can hold their legs in some way, or constantly give them pressure, they can be alleviated. Weighted blankets provide the tremendous pressure you desire without causing any contraction on your legs.

Best Weighted Blankets For Adults 2019

Best Weighted Blankets For Adults 2019
Best Weighted Blankets For Adults 2019
Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket by RocabiFilled with tiny, delicate quartz beads lined with 100% organic cotton lining,The cover is made of machine-cleanable microfiber.
Mela Comfort Weighted BlanketThe internal structure is satisfactorily soft and has rust-proof glass granules with 10cm x 10cm pockets inside,uniform distribution of weight.
Gravity BlanketIt comes in 5 weight options ranging from 4kg to 12kg, suitable for people of different sizes.Velvet materials are a particularly smart choice for those with sensitive skin.
Buzio Weighted Blanket The blanket is malleable and comfortable.Made from hypoallergenic cotton, this hood helps regulate body temperature while providing comfort and helps you fall asleep.
BlanQuil Quilted Weighted Blanket It’s super soft and luxurious to the touch.Uniform distribution of weight for easy maintenance.

Gravity Blanket vs BlanQuil:

Gravity Blanket

Pros 1.Made of high-grade soft materials, stitched with mesh.
2.Three size options.
3.Three colors.
1.Soft Quilt Materials
2.Removable cover for machine wash
3.Comes in a variety of colors.
4.Cheaper than Gravity Blanket
Cons1.Handwash only

1.Fewer weight options than Gravity Blanket
2.Some colors are more expensive.
Price $249 $164.85
Weight 15 lb weighted blanket, 20 lb, or 25 lb. 15 lb or 20 lb.
Uniform weight distribution Yes Yes
Can be machine washableDuvet onlyDuvet only
Color Space Gray, Galaxy Blue, Moon IvoryGray, Taupe, or Charcoal ($30 extra)

Best Weighted Blankets For Children 2019

Best Weighted Blankets For Children 2019
Best Weighted Blankets For Children 2019
Senso-Rex Weighted BlanketsAvailable in a variety of sizes and weights for children, there are many themes to choose from.(owls, dinosaurs, Star Wars )
Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket weighted blanket for kids.Quility’s innovative 7-layered blanket is designed to offer supreme comfort. Ultra-breathable, 100% cotton outer lining with a non-adhesive polyester pad and two extra polyester layers, including millions of premium micro glass beads.
TTS Calming Weighted Blanket Red and green, with a velvety look, helps soothe children.
The Persevering Parent Weighted Travel BlanketCustomize your needs with 6 different weight options and an impressive 17 colors and patterns to choose from.

Cheaper Weighted Blanket

DIY No-Sew Weighted Blanket 

This DIY tutorial will help if you want a cheap weighted blanket.